White’s General Directory of Sheffield (1849)

MOSBOROUGH, a large village, on a declivity, six and a half miles E.S.E. of Sheffield, has a Wesleyan and also a Primitive Methodist chapel. The school was endowed in 1680, by Joseph Stones, with land now worth £28 a year, for which, and a good house and garden, the master teaches 15 free scholars. This QUARTER of Eckington parish has 1044 souls.

Marked 1, are at Mosbro’ Moor; 2, Mosbro’ Hill, and 3, at Plumley.

2  Bacon Joseph, penknife cutler
1  Booth George, wood hoop and measure mnfr.
1  Field Robert, gentleman
1  Fox James, gentleman
Galley William, coal owner
Grant Rd. mason
Frost George, joiner
1  Hayes John Ibbotson, schoolmr. regr. and agent to Military and
Naval Assurance Co
1  Herring William, tailor
Hutton Mark, cutler
1  Keeton Edwin, organist. & Fredk. regr.
1  Peat James & Jabez, tailors
1  Rose Benjamin, toll collr. & Joseph, smith
Rose George Gillott, painter & decorator
Rotherham Chas. Esq., Mosborough Hall
Rotherham Mrs Martha
Staton Mrs A
1  Staniforth Mrs Eliz.
Storey John, cutler
2  Swallow Richard, Esq. coal owner
Wells Joseph & George, coal owners
Worrall Luke, coal owner
1  British Oak, George Booth
Crown Inn, John Robinson
Duke William, Ellis Park
1  Fitzwilliam Arms, Maria Havenhand
George and Dragon, James Booth
Nag’s Head, Thos. Robinson, cutler
Peat James
Rose Benjamin
Webster Mary
Fox Joseph
1  Marsden George
Oxspring Samuel
Oxspring Henry
Rivington Edward
Frost Georg
Rose John
Rose Robert
Rotherham Charles
Cooper Thomas
Whiteley William
Wolstenholme Thos.
3  Alton Joseph
2  Bramall Joseph
3  Bunting Thomas
Cadman George
Caterer George
Fox Mary
Galley Wm.
1  Henshaw Robert
Hudson George
Hutton Thomas
Keeton David
1  Lee Thomas
Mullins George
Oates Joseph
Oates Francis
Pearson John
1  Riley John
Roberts George
Rose Robert
Rose Thomas
1  Rose John
Rotherham Samuel
Storey Thomas
Tickhill Wm.
Worrall Luke
Cadman George
Lindley Robert
Kirkby John
Lee Henry
Rose Benjamin
Upton Wm.
Webster George
Galley Geo. druggist
Hutton Charles
Turner Thomas
Unwin Sarah
Whiteley Wm.
Worrall Luke
Woodward John
Burrows Thomas
Cadman George
Keeton Jno. & Son
Riley John
Staton Septimus
Taylor Wm.
Webster George