The Last Will and Testament of Hannah Stones of Mosborough (1756)

I Hannah Stones of Mosbrough in the Parish of Eckington and county of Derby do make this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following and I do declare this to be my Last will and Testament and every will by me befor made to be come void and of no effect: I Leave to my son Thomas Stones my silver kettell and Lamp my correllen(?) set a ring of his wifes hair and a ring set with Diamonds of his fathers hair and a hundred pound: I Leave to Mr Adam Slater my purs of old gold the scissor case I wore in my pocket and my wach and the cristall seal that is to it: I Leave to Mrs Slater my set of sepan(?) pressing boxes with the glas just as I always use them: I Leave Mrs Milles of Wakfield my worked twilight: I Leave mrs Roben Milles my worked quilt: I Leave miss Betty Bagshaw my hair ring set with femants(?) of my son John Stones hair: I Leave Mrs mathewman my cornelling ring: and I do oppoint Mrs winter of Derby the wife of parson winter of all sants to be my hole and sole Executrix and doe leave her all my goods in Derby and desiour burrey me in the manner I shall direct fowling I desiour to be burid by my husband in Eckington church and to be carred by six of my Tennants and thay to have half gineays apices hat band and pair of gloves for their trubell I desiour the currat of Eckington to burey me to home I desiour a scarf hat band and pair of gloves and a gineau may be given I desirous that Mr Griffith may have a pair of gloves given and pade what he requires for braking up the chancell: I desiour the poor of mosbrough may have five pound given them and I desiour William Cowley may have ffive pound given him as for my close. I leave Mrs winter all the best of my close and appoint her the hole and sole executrix of this my last will and desiour her to give to my maid that is with me at my death to have a years wages given her and all the worst of my close both linning and wooling I leave mrs winter all the money I have out at intress she knows how to aply for it but desiour her to give the person a sofisent notes that he may be put to noe difficulty in the pay it and she I appoint to pay all detes that I may ough at my death and what legeceys I have left and funerell charges out of it and the remainder I give to her all the rest of goods and plate I have in Derby and I doe apint her my hole and sole executrix of this my will and Testament writing with my one hand in witness where of I doe set my hand and seal this first of jun in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hunderd and fifty six signed published and declared by ye Testator to be her Last will and Testament in ye presence of us who in her presence singed the same as witness thair to

Robert Couley
Sarah Couley