The Directory of the County of Derby, Steven Glover (1829)

Page 88

MOSSBOROUGH.  A village and township in the parish of Eckington. H. of S. (Hundred of Scarsdale)

F. Freeholder
C. Copyholder

 Lord of the Manor Sir George Sitwell, Bart. Renishaw Hall, F.

Booth, George, manufacturer of vendware
Cadman, George, sicklesmith and maltster, C.
Cowley, James, farmer, F.
Cowley, John, farmer, F.
Field, Robert, farmer, F.
Flint, Thomas, corn miller
Fox, George, vict., Duke William
Fox, Samuel, scythe and sicklesmith
French, John, gent., C.
Higginbotham, Thomas, farmer, F.
Hutton, George and Thomas, scythe and sicklesmiths, F.
Hutton, William, scythe and sicklesmith
Keeton, David, farmer, C.
Keeton, John, scythe and sicklesmith
Lee, Thomas, vict. New Inn
Oates, Jonathan, maltster, C.
Parr, John, butcher and vict. George and Dragon
Peat, James, tailor, C.
Roberts, John, vict.
Rowbottom, John, vict.
Slagg, Harvey, maltster
Smith, John, gent. Mosborough Hall, F.
Staton, Nathanial, scythe and sicklesmith
Turner, George, scythe and sicklesmith
Wolstenholme, Thomas, vict.
Wright, Peter, brush maker