Post Office Directory of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (1855)

MOSBOROUGH. One mile from the church of Eckington, is a township. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel. There is also an endowed school, the master of which receives £28 yearly, a good house and garden, for teaching 15 free scholars. This was a Roman settlement. Sickles and wood hoop measures are made here.


Rotherham Charles, esq. Mosborough Hall
Swallow Richard, esq. Hill


Alton Joseph, farmer
Booth George, ‘Royal Oak’, and wood hoop measure maker
Brammall Joseph, jobber
Eadman George, sickle manufacturer and maltster
Caterer George, farmer
Cooper Thomas, ‘Duke William’ 
Fox James, farmer
Gallay Susan (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Gallay William, farmer & coalmaster
Grant William, beer retailer
Haslam James, ‘Fitzwilliam Arms’
Hayes John J. registrar of births & deaths & actuary to savings bank;
boys school; and agent to Military & Naval insurance company
Kay Charles, ‘George & Dragon’
Keeton David, farmer
Keeton Edwin, sickle smith
Keeton Frederick, sickle manufacturer and deputy registrar
Keeton Henry, shopkeeper
Keeton William, sickle smith
Kirby John, shoemaker
Lee Thomas, farmer
Mullins George, farmer
Oates Joseph, farmer
Peat James, tailor
Revington Edward, butcher
Riley John, farmer & sickle smith
Robinson John, ‘Crown’
Rose Benjamin, beer retailer & shoemaker
Rose George G. painter
Rose James, butcher & wheelwright
Rose John, carpenter & farmer
Rose Joseph, blacksmith
Rose Robert, carpenter
Rose Thomas, farmer
Rotherham Samuel, farmer
Staton Septimus, sickle manufacturer
Storey John, cutler
Tickhill William, farmer
Turner Thomas, shopkeeper
Turner William, shopkeeper
Turner William, sickle manufacturer
Webster George, shoemaker
Webster George, sickle manufacturer
Webster Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer
Woodward Mrs. shopkeeper
Worrall Luke, coalmaster & shopkeeper