Last Will and Testament of Samuel Savage of Mosborough, sicklesmith (1755)

In the Name of God Amen This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Savage of Mosbrough in the Parish of Eckington in the County of Derby Sicklesmith made this twenty ninth day of January in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty five First I will that all my just Debts and funeral Expenses shall be faithfully discharged by my Executrix hereinafter named And I give and bequeath to my dear wife Mary Savage all my Goods Chattels Possessions Tenant Rights Debts Effects and personalties whatsoever (after paying my just Debts and funeral charges) to and for her own proper Benefit and disposal Also I give and Devise unto my said Wife Mary Savage for and during her natural Life All and singular my Messuages Cottage Closes Lands and Tenement and all my parts and shares thereof and in any Land Tenements or hereditaments as well freehold as Copyhold situate lying and being at Ford in the parish of Eckington aforesaid and at Mosbrough and Mosbrough Quarter in the same parish and from and after the decease of my said wife I give and devise all those my two free Messuages Cottages Tenements or Dwelling houses with their and each of their appurtenances standing and being at Ford aforesaid in the several occupations of my Brothers Joseph Savage and Thomas Savage and also all those Freehold Closes at or near Ford aforesaid which are held of me by my said Brother Joseph (for which said Dwelling houses Closes and Lands were given and conveyed to me by my late Mother Mary Savage deceased) unto my said wife’s Nephew John Mullings the younger of Ford aforesaid Sicklesmith his heirs and assigns for ever Subject and Chargeable nevertheless and I do hereby charge the sd. Freehold houses and Lands after the decease of my said wife with the payment of the several Legacies hereinafter mentioned to the several persons hereinafter named at the respective Times hereinafter appointed or directed (that is to say) to William and George Mullings Brothers to the said John Mullings the younger and to Ann the wife of Thomas Slagg Elizabeth the wife of William Bingham and Margaret Mullings Spinster Sisters to the said John Mullings the younger ten pounds apiece To Mary the daughter of Stephen Mosforth of Blackburn or Brightside Byerlow in the parish of Sheffield Labourer and to John Freeman the younger of Staveley the like sum of ten pounds each To Henry Robert Samuel George Ann Mary Sarah Hannah and Jane Gratton Children of Henry Gratton of Beighton Sicklesmith and to George the son of William Mullings of Westwell in the said parish of Eckington to each and every of them five pounds for Legacies the said several Legacies or Sums of money to be paid to such of the said several respective Legatees before named as shall be living at the decease of my said wife and shall then be of the age of Twenty one years within six Months after the Death of my said wife and to such of them as shall not have attained the said age at the Time of the death of my said Wife when and as soon as they shall have respectively attained and in case they shall respectively attain the said age of Twenty one years provided always and my will and mind is that in Case it shall happen that any of the said several Legatees shall depart this Life before his her or their respective Legacy or Legacies shall become payable the Legacies or Legacy of him her or them so dying shall sink and not become due or payable at all And from and after the Decease of my said wife I give and devise all that my Customary or Copyhold Close called the Ten Rood which I purchased of William Wakefield containing about five Roods situate and being at Mosbrough or in Mosbrough Quarter within the Mannor of Eckington and held after the same Manner by Copy of the Court Roll unto my Brother Joseph Savage for and during his natural Life and after his decease I give and devise the same Close unto my Sister Elizabeth Turner her heirs and assigns for ever And as to all that my fourth part or other part or share of all that Cottage Tenement or dwelling house in Mosbrough aforesaid wherein I now dwell and of all those Copyhold Closes therewith occupied and enjoyed, which said part or share descended or came to me by the death of my Brother William Savage I give and devise the same after the decease of my said Wife unto my Brother Thomas Savage for and during his natural Life and after his decease I give and devise the same unto my Sister Elizabeth Turner her heirs and assigns for ever And I do hereby appoint my said wife Mary Savage sole Executor of this my will revoking all former wills by me made In Witness whereof I the said Samuel Savage The Testator have hereunto to the first page hereof set my hand and to this last have set my hand and Seal this day and year abovesaid

Signed sealed published and declared                                    Samuel Savage
by the said Samuel Savage as and for
his last Will and Testament in the presence
of us who in his presence and at his Request
have hereunto subscribed our Names as

Wllm Dixon
John Mullings
John Kirk