Last Will and Testament of Margaret Levicke of Mosborough, widow (1646)

In the name of god Amen the 30th day of January Anno Dom 1646  I Margaret Levicke of mosbrough in ye p(ar)ish of Eckinton in ye county of Derb(y) widdo being sicke in body but of good & p(er)fect memory thanks be to god for ye same do macke this my laste will and testament in manor & forme following first & principali I bequeath my Soule in to the hands of almighty god my macker and Redeemer by whose pr(e)cious bloud I doubte not but to be made partaker & ……. of his Eternall & Everlasting Kingdome And my body to be buried in ye Church or Church yard at Eckinton at ye discretion of my frendes  And as touching all my worldly goodes & substance w(hi)ch god hath sent me I give & bequeath as followeth Imprimus I give & bequeath unto William Levicke my Eldest Soone one bed steede in ye parlor Chamber 2 fether beds a paire of sheetes a matris tow blankets tow coverlites & coushon & a piller & 2 pillar beares  Item I give unto John Levicke my youngest Soone one bedsteede in ye little Chamber a fether bede a Chafe bede a peare of Sheetes a Coverlite a …. a blankete a coushon a pillar & a pilla beare a sofor a boarde in ye parlor a faull boarde & a dreser in ye kitchine & a hone faull(?) Item I give unto Sara Levicke my youngest daughter one seeled bede in ye nere chamber a fether bede a matrise tow …. ….. tow coverlites ye beste bedhilling a coushon tow pillos a trindele bede in ye parlore one prese in ye parlore one Table in ye house w(i)th a peare of fourmes and one cheare & my beste Linning sheetes a peare of …. a spite & a driping pane Item I give unto Robte turnor & to Anne(?) his wife & to ether of them tow shllings sixpence & to every one of their children xiid  Item I give unto littell mary Turner my granchilde one ….. …… & a porringer  Item more I give unto Sara Levicke ……. Seeled Chiste in ye nere Chamber my ….. ….. & my expenses of my funeral discharged I make & Appointe Ann Levicke & Sara Levicke my daughter Executors of this my laste wille and Testament & I give unto my Sister Elizabeth xiid  In witness whereof I the s(ai)d Margaret Levicke to this my laste will & Testament have hereunto set my hand & seal ye daey & yeare firste above written.