Last Will and Testament of Joseph Stones of Mosborough, gentleman (1680)

In the name of God Amen I Joseph Stones of Mosbrough in the parish of Eckeington and County of derby gent beinge weake in body but of good and p(er)fecte memory Gods holy name bee praysed And beinge mindeful of the uncertainety of humane life doe make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and fforme ffolloweinge ffirst I comend my soule to Almighty God hopeinge to bee Saved by the merritts and mediation of Christ my Redeemer and my body to the earth whence it came and as for my wordly estate wherewith God hath blessed mee I give it in manner and forme ffolloweing (that is to say) what plaite hath been formerly given to my children I desire that the same may be kept for them And the remainder & residue of my plate my will is that the same may be kept for them And the remainder and residue of my plate my will is that it bee equally divided betwixt my two children Item I alsoe give to my sonne Thomas my biggest diamond Ringe & my next best ringe to my daughter Anna and the rest of my ringes to be equally divided betwixt them Also I give unto my said daughter Anna all her mothers worke and dressing boxes and large cabinet and the furniture in her mothers closet And the hedd and ffurniture of the white chamber with one payer of Holland sheetes and pillow beers belonging to them Also the damaske table cloath and napkins belongeing to it Alsoe the two lockets and Amber necklace All soe I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Anna sixteene hundred poundes of Lawfull money to be layd forth to buy Lands or Tenements for her & her heires or soe put forth that both the stocke and proffitts thereof may come unto her when shee shall accomplise the age of one & twenty yeares or be marryed and in the meane tyme to have convenient & fit allowances for her maintenance & education & her Guardians or trustees hereafter named shall thinke fit for her And if it please God my said daughter Anna doe depart this life before she attaine the age of one & Twenty yeares or bee marryed then my will & minde is ……… hereby give …… my sonne Thomas Stones the aforesaid portion of my said daughter so dyeing or unmarryed or under age Item I give and bequeath to my deare mother Mrs. Anne Stones Tenn Pounds and if it shall please God that all Issue of my body should become extincte and none bee alive then my will and minde is that fifteene hundred pounds shall be payd forth of my p(er)sonall and reall estate unto my three sisters Esther Lathans Mary Greene and Sara Kayes soe as each of them shall have ffive hundred pounds payd them within sixe moneths after the ffaleing of all issue of my body and theire Issue faleing I do also give devise and bequeath as p(re)sent legacyes to bee payd with sixe weekes after my decease unto each of my said three sisters Esther Mary & Sarah & to every of theire husbands Tenn poundes a peece Item I give to my Brother Mr. Nicholas Stones and his wife either of them Tenn poundes Item I give & bequeath unto my brother in Lawe Mr. Joshua Shimeild Tenn poundes Item I give unto Mr. Jeremy Scoles late minister of Norton fforty shilleings Item I alsoe give and bequeath unto the poore of the parish of Norton seaven poundes to bee distributed to them as my brother Mr. Nicholas Stone shall thinke most needful Item I give unto Dorothy Calton my servant if shee live with mee at the tyme of my decease three poundes Item I give unto Richard Rotherham my servant if he live with mee at the tyme of my decease ffifty shilleings Item I give unto every other of my servants that shall live with me at the tyme of my decease Twenty shilleings a peece Item I doe hereby give devise and bequeath unto my Brother in Lawe Mr. John Morewood my cozen Mr. Roger Lee my brother Mr. Nicholas Stones & Mr. Joseph Morwood All that close in Mosbrough called Midle Beighton hill conteyneinge ffower acres more or lesse & abbutteinge upon a highway there called Killamarsh Lane towards the South & a certaine close called Beighton Intacks towards the North beinge freehold lands and alsoe all that customery or Coppyhold Cottage or Tenement with a ffould & crofte thereunton adioyneinge or conteyneinge three Roodes more or lesse in Mosbrough aforesaid & Alsoe eleaven Roodes of Arable land lyeinge in the three severall ffeilds in Mosbrough (that is to say) in the Streetefeild one Roode thereof lyeing uppon a furlong called Norgreaves one sellion thereof in the same field coneyneinge two roodes upon a furlong called Longe Streete In the Lee ffeild one acre thereof lyeing uppon a furlong called Somerflatt alsoe in the Singles ffeild one acre therof lyeinge in two severall partes or proportions and w(hi)ch are surrendered to the use of my last Will & Testam(en)t & were lately purchased by mee of & from Thomas Marriott of Mosbrough aforesaid yeoman for one hunded & Tenn Pounes or thereabouts to have and to hould unto them the said John Morwood Roger Lee Nicholas Stones & Joseph Morewood theire heires for every upon spetiall trust & confidence that they & theire heires shall yearely & every yeare for ever bestowe & pay all the Rents Issues & p(ro)ffitts thereof uppon such p(er)son or p(er)sons as shall be chosen Schools master by the heires or Assignes of mee the said Joseph Stones for the teacheinge & instructeinge of ffifteen poore children w(i)thin the Beirlawe of Mosbrough aforesaid or shall suffer or p(er)mitt the said Schoolmaster to live or dwell uppon the same And if my said trustees shall let the same to any p(er)son or p(er)sons for one yeare (but noe longer to lett the same) they shall let the same at the full value there of & pay the rents to uses afores(ai)d And if any Schoomaster shall misbehave …. bee not fitt for the employment it be ….. to & for the heires & Assignes of mee the said Joseph Stones to put in & place any other p(er)son or p(er)sons at o(u)r owne ffree wills & pleasure when and as often as mee or they please & to expel & put out or remove as often as occation shall be or require Item I doe give devise and bequeath unto my said sonne Thomas all the residue & remainder of my p(er)sonall estate And I doe make & constitute him to bee sole executor of this my last will and Testament And I doe nominate & appoint the said Mr. John Morwood Roger Lee Nicholas Stones and Joseph Morwood to bee Guardians for my said children untill they come to & attaine theire respective ages of one and Twenty yeares and my Will & minde is that the said Guardians or Trustees shall have all manner of reasonable charges & expenses defrayed & allowed unto them & payd w(hi)ch they or any of them may bee put to or expend in pursuance of any trust hereby reposed in them Item I doe give devise and bequeath unto the said Mr John Morwood Roger Lee & Joseph Morwood to each Tenn Poundes a peece and I doe hereby revoke & make voyd & null all former & other wills In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the Twentieth day of May in the yeare of our Lord Christ one Thousand sixe hundred & eighty 1680 And in the two and thirtieth yeare of the Raigne of our gratious soveraigne Lord Kinge Charles the Second over England

Sealed Signed published &                                                            Joseph Stones
declared in the p(re)sence of
Jo: Dand
Tho: Milward
John Mechan