Last Will and Testament of John Lewick of Mosborough, yeoman (1640)

In the name of god Amen the fift deay June Anne Dom 1640 I John Lewick of mosbrough in the p’ish of Eckington in the County of Derby yoman being in whole and p’fect memory thanks be to god for the same do make this my last will and Testament in maner and forme following first and prinsipally I be quethe my Soul in to the hands of almighty god my maker and Redeemer by whose ….. ….. I dout not but to be made p’tacer of his eternall and everlasting kingdom And my body to be buried in the p’ish Church of Eckington at the discression of my friends And as touching all my wordly goods and substanc which god hath sent me I give and be queth as followeth Inprimis I give and be queth unto William Lewick all that my … ….. .. …… at Eckington and my …. and a littell Brass pot Item I give unto Ann Lewick one hundred pounds Item I give unto …. Lewick one hundred pounds Item I give unto Robert Turnor junior five shillings and to …. his wife five shillings Item I give to the poore of this p’ish of Eckington five pounds Item I give unto every one of my god children one shilling my Debts payd and my expenses of my funaural Discharged I make and appoint margaret Lewick my wife and william Lewick my Sone and John Lewick and Ann Lewick and Sara Lewick my Executors of this my last will and testament Item I appoint John Bright of Brintlef ege in the p’ish of sheffeld and Frances England of holling thorpe in the p’sh of Sandall Supervisors of this my last will and Item I give the said John Bright ten shillings for his payns Item I give into the aforesaid Francies England twenty shillings for his payns and to Johne his wife twenty shillings In witness where of I the sead John Lewick hath set to my hand and sealle the day and year Above written.