Kelly’s Directory of Derbyshire (1928)

MOSBOROUGH.  One mile north from Eckington church, is a hamlet, and was a Roman settlement. The mission church of St. Mark, a chapel of ease to Eckington, erected in 1887 at a cost of £3,955, is a building of stone, consisting of chancel, nave of two bays, vestries and an embattled tower containing a clock: there is a memorial window to George Plant, esq.: the church will seat 300 persons: the Rev. George Thomas Roberts has been curate in charge since 1927. A mission hall was erected for Holbrook and Halfway in 1898. There is a Wesleyan chapel and Primitive Methodist chapels here and at Holbrook. Mosborough Hall, The property of Mrs. E. Wells, is the residence of Captain Peter Miles Courage. Mosborough Hill House is the residence of Mrs. Fox. Sickles, scythes and spade shafts are made here.


Beckett James, Hill Mount
Boulton John Easton, The Moorlands
Courage Capt. Peter Miles, Mosborough Hall
Fox Mrs. Mosborough Hill House
Peat Edwin J.P. Longfield, Halfway
Roberts Rev. George Thomas L.Th. (curate in charge), The Parsonage
Wells Mrs., Elmwood
Wells Mrs Edwin, Eckington Hall


Anderson James, shopkeeper, 62 High Street
Bacon John, butcher, 70 High Street
Bagley George, farmer, Plumley
Barker James, grocer, 77 Queen Street
Batterham Henry, fried fish dealer, 85 Station Road, Halfway
Batty John, shopkeeper, Duke Street
Beresford Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 New Street, Halfway
Bessant Henry, hardware dealer, High Street
Bird William, Fitzwilliam Arms P.H.
Bird William, shopkeeper, 35 High Street
Blenkinsop John, farmer, West Wells
Bolsover Clifford, fruiterer, 13 Queen Street
Bolsover Thomas H., fruiterer, High Street
Bramall Ernest, pork butcher, High Street
Brunt Leonard, general dealer, High Street
Buxton Arthur, yeast dealer, 21 High Street
Buxton John, shopkeeper, 29 Cadman Street
Chapman Joseph, shopkeeper, High Street
Clayton John James, farmer, Lyndhurst, Mosborough Moor
Clayton William, butcher, Duke Street
Cooper A. G. (Mrs), shopkeeper, Station Road, Halfway
Cuckson Benjamin Wilkinson, Queen’s Hotel
Dawes James, grocer, 50 & 52 Chapel Street
Daws James, farmer
Doram James, farmer, Moor Hall Farm
Drabble William & Sons, builders, High Street
Drabble Dorothy (Miss), hairdresser, High Street
Drabble Fred, builder, Queen Street & butcher, High Street
Drabble John H., draper, 56 High Street
Fox Walter, farmer, Moorhole
French Henry, shopkeeper
Gascoyne John Joseph, cycle dealer, South Street
Glover Joseph Ltd., millers, Station Road
Grant Albert, stone mason, 38 South Street
Hardy George, hairdresser
Hind Harry Ford, grocer, see Lee & Hind
Hodgson William H., wheelwright, Station Road, Halfway
Holbrook & Halfway Working Men’s Club & Institute (William Sewell, secretary), Station  Road, Halfway
Hopkiss Joseph, Station Road, Halfway
Jennings Frederick, fried fish dealer, Station Road, Halfway
Jennings Herbert, shopkeeper, 26 Chapel Street
Jones George Henry West M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A. surgeon (firm, Jones & Mead)
Keeton James, insurance agent, 1 School Street
Killamarsh Co-Operative Society Limited, grocers, 60 High Street (Alfred Ivan Wain, manager) and 95 Station Road, Halfway (George Knight, manager)
Lane Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, New Street, Halfway
Large Albert, shopkeeper, 31 South Street
Large Arthur, grocer, 77 High Street
Leah William Humphrey, draper, 91 High Street
Lee & Hind, grocers, Station Road, Halfway
Lee Arthur, grocer, 52 Queen Street
Lee Charles William, boot repairer, 10 Duke Street
Lee John, jnr., farmer, Halfway
Lee Thomas, boot maker, 66 High Street
Littlewood Thomas Burrows, shopkeeper, 29 Duke Street
Lockwood Fredrick, builder, 2 Cadman Street
Louth Charles Henry, British Oak P.H., Mosborough Moor
Maleham Brothers, blacksmiths, High Street
Marsh Arthur, farmer, Hill Mount
Marsh Willis, baker, 54 High Street
Milnes Frederick William, grocer, 24 Chapel Street
Morris Florence (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 56 South Street
Mosborough Working Men’s Club (Percy Beaumont, secretary), 16 South Street
Mundy James, draper, High Street
National Provincial Bank Ltd (agency), 386 High Street; head office, Bishopsgate, London  EC 2
Newton Frederick, beer retailer, High Street
Northway David, sanitary inspector to the Chesterfield Rural District Council,
Holmleigh, Rotherham Road, Halfway
Padley John, Royal Oak P.H., High Street
Page Arthur William, automobile engineer, Station Road, Halfway
Pearson George, Halfway House P.H., Station Road, Halfway
Peat Edwin, cattle dealer, Station Road, Halfway
Peat Roland, farmer, Station Road
Plumtree Robert, farmer, Plumley Lane
Purdy Samuel, Crown P.H., High Street
Redfearn Sarah E. (Mrs.), stationer, High Street
Renshaw John William, assistant insurance superintendent, 14 Chapel Street
Richards Joseph T., cycle agent, High Street
Royston Hamor, greengrocer, 20 New Street, Halfway
Scholes Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs.), George & Dragon P.H.
Scott Matthew, cab proprietor, 48 Queen Street
Sears Edward, smith &c., High Street
Silvers Joseph, shopkeeper, School Street
Slater Arthur C., shopkeeper, Station Road, Halfway
Smith & Walker, farmers
Smith Arthur, fried fish dealer, 23 Chapel Street
Smith Harry, shopkeeper, 26 South Street
Starbuck Joseph, shopkeeper, 24 New Street, Halfway
Staton Hadyn, china dealer, 113 High Street
Staton Thomas, farmer, Mosborough Moor
Staton William, newsagent, 52 High Street
Taylor Arthur, Duke William P.H., 53 Duke Street
Turner Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Queen Street
Turner William, shopkeeper, 3 Station Road
Walker Fred, farm bailiff to Mrs. E. Wells
Waller Charles, butcher, 2 Queen Street
Walton Henry, shopkeeper, Rotherham Road, Halfway
Wells Edwin (Mrs.), farmer, South Street
Wheeldon Alfred, fried fish dealer, South Street
Wilkins Thomas Henry, shopkeeper, High Street
Wilkinson William D., grocer, 15 Duke Street
Wilson Brothers & Sons, automobile engineers, Sheffield Road
Woodhead Farewell, boot maker, 36 Queen Street
Woodhead Thomas William, fried fish dealer, High Street
Wright Edwin, grocer, High Street
Wright John, shopkeeper, 39 Queen Street