Kelly’s Directory of Derbyshire (1881)

Mosborough, 1 mile from the church of Eckington, is a township. There is an endowed school, the master of which has £30 yearly, with a good house and garden, for teaching 20 free scholars. Church services are held in it; curate in charge, the Rev. E. H. Mullins; it is also used as a Sunday school. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel. There is also a Primitive Methodist chapel at Holbrook. This was a Roman settlement. Sickles are made here.

POST OFFICE. – Mrs. Jane Kemp, postmistress. Letters
through Chesterfield, arrive at 9. a.m., & dispatched at 6
p.m.; on Sundays, dispatch only at 3 p.m. The nearest
money order & telegraph office is at Eckington

Endowed School, Richard Davies, master; Mrs. Davies mistress
Board, John E. Bolton A.C.P., F.S.SC. & Henry E. Griffiths, masters;
Miss Caroline Street, mistress; Miss Mary Wilson, infant’s mistress
Board, at Halfway Houses, Jabez Jennings, master; Miss Dora H.
Burgin, infants’ mistress

CARRIERS TO SHEFFIELD. – Charles Poole; from his own
house, to Pheasant inn, on tues. thurs, & sat, returning
same day; Thomas Scott on tues. & sat. to ‘Green Man’
returning same day

Alton Mrs
Booth Mrs
Foster George
Lee Mrs. Hannah, Moor hall
Mullins Rev. Edward Herbert [curate], Glebe house
Richardson Wm. Housley Holbrook ho
Robinson Thomas, Holbrook
Rose John
Rotherham Mrs. Mosborough hall
Staniforth Henry, Mosborough hill
Swallow Jn. Fell J.P. Mosborough Hill ho
Turner William
Wells Mrs. Eckington hall
Whawell Mrs. Sarah
Worrall Mrs. Ruth

Allcock Henry, shopkeeper
Alton Joseph, farmer, Plumbley
Archer Robert, Royal Oak, & wheel-wright & farmer
Bacon Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Barker Charles, farmer
Beal William, shopkeeper
Bell Thomas, shopkpr. Halfway houses
Blissett George, farmer
Bolsover Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Booth Thomas, farmer
Brocklehurst Noah, beer retailer
Buxton Wm. Grocer and german yeast dlr
Clayton John, greengrocer
Coupland Joseph, British Oak
Cousin Thomas, shopkeeper, Moor
Crookes James, butcher
Dawes Ann (Mrs.), carter
Drabble John, stone mason
Dunfield Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Halfway houses
Fairburn & Rhodes, millers, Knowl hill
Foster George, jun. farmer
Fox John, shopkeeper
Froggatt John Bromley, shopkeeper
Frost Geo. shopkeeper & wheelwright
Galley Susannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Gilsthorpe William, shopkeeper
Gothard Charles, Queen’s Hotel
Grant John, stone mason
Hardstaff George, agent to the Refuge Friendly Society
Havenhand Sam, shopkeeper
Hayes John Ibbotson, registrar of births & deaths
Hazlehurst George, butcher
Herring Sarah (Mrs.), tailoress
Hodgson Alfred, ironmonger
Horner George, beer retailer
Hughes James, George & Dragon
Kay John, shopkeeper
Kay Joseph, Fitzwilliam Arms
Kay William, Duke William
Keeton Henry, grocer
Keeton John, draper
Kemp Jane (Mrs.), postmistress
Kirby Mark, farmer & stone mason
Kirby Thomas Glossop, shoe maker, farmer, shopkeeper and beer retailer
Lavinder William, beer retailer
Leah Humphrey, shopkeeper
Lee Henry, shoe maker
Lee John, farmer, Moor hall
Lindley Ann (Mrs.), farmer and beer retailer, Holbrook
Lockwood Joseph, stone mason
Milner John, farmer, Moor hall
Milner William, Halfway House
Milnes George, shopkeeper
Milnes John, shopkeeper
Morton George, farmer, Plumbley
Newman Samuel, farmer
Nuttall Charles, shopkeeper
Peat Jabez, butcher
Plant George, beer retailer
Poole Charles, carrier & farmer
Reed Francis Thomas, butcher, Halfway house
Riley John & Son, sickle manufacturers, Mosborough Moor sickle works
Riley John, farmer, Moor
Rivington Sarah (Mrs.), grocer
Robinson Elizabeth (Mrs.), Crown
Rose Benjamin, farmer & shoe maker
Rose Joseph, blacksmith
Rose William, blacksmith, Moor
Rotherham Charlotte (Mrs.), farmer
Sargent James, shopkeeper
Scott Thos. Beer retailer, carrier & farmr
Short Joshua, beer retailer
Skelton Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Slinn Wm. grocer & provision dealer, Holbrook
Staniforth Luke, butcher
Staton George, news agent & shopkeeper
Staton Mark, shopkeeper
Staton Ralph, shopkeeper
Staton William, shopkeeper
Stone James, shopkeeper
Storey George & Co. shopkeepers
Storey Mary & Eliza (Misses), school
Storey George, spring knife manufr
Storey William, shoe maker
Taylor John, farmer & fruiterer
Thompson Henry, cowkeeper
Tickhill William, farmer
Tradewell Charles, grocer & draper
Travis James, shopkeeper
Turner Henry, shopkeeper
Turner Joseph, shopkeeper
Turner William, farmer
Upson William, shoe maker
Wale Thomas, builder
Wells J. & G. Holbrook colliery
Wells Aaron, beer retailer
Williams Mark, shopkeeper
Wistow Mark, shopkeeper
Woodward William, boot & shoe maker
Worrall John, farmer & coal owner, Hall farm