J.G. Harrod’s Directory of Derbyshire, etc. (1870)


Mosborough is a township and village 2 miles from and in the parish of Eckington, in the union and County Court district of Chesterfield, and contains 1,300 acres of land, of which the chief owners are Earl Fitzwilliam, Sir G. Sitwell and C. Rotherham, Esq. The Lord of the Manor is Sir G. Sitwell, Bart. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here. There is an endowed school, William Ashclough master. Population 2,000. Nearest money-order office, Eckington. Post-town, Chesterfield.

Rotherham Charles, Esq. the Hall
Stamford Henry, Esq.
Swallow Richard, Esq.
Archer Wm., carpenter and wheelwright
Booth Henry, grocer
Dann Charles, miller
Frost George, carpenter and wheelwright
Frost George, shopkeeper
Galley Mrs Susannah, grocer
Grant John, bricklayer
Grant Richard, bricklayer and builder
Hayes John Ibbotson, registrar of births and deaths
Herring Thomas, tailor
Hodgson Alfred, draper
Holford Samuel, George and Dragon Inn
Hutton Charles, shopkeeper
Johnson Mrs Ann, beer retailer
Kay William, Duke William Inn
Keeton Henry, baker
Keeton William, market-gardener
Kirkby John, shopkeeper, and boot and shoe maker
Kirkby Thomas, beer retailer
Lindley Robert, maltster
Lockwood Joseph, bricklayer and builder
Milner Thomas, Nag’s Head
Peat Jabez, shopkeeper
Peat John, butcher
Plant George, beer retailer
Plant Isaac, beer retailer
Revington Mrs Sarah, butcher
Rhodes John, coal merchant
Richardson Thomas, steel refiner
Richardson William, steel refiner
Riley Charles, grocer
Riley John, sickle manufacturer
Rippon George, draper
Robinson Mrs E, Rose and Crown Inn
Rose Joseph, blacksmith
Rose William, blacksmith
Scott Thomas, beer retailer
Stamforth George, Fitzwilliam Arms
Staton Mark, beer retailer
Staton Septimus, sickle manufacturer
Storey William, boot and shoe maker
Taylor John, British Oak
Thomson Charles, Rose and Crown Inn
Tradewell Charles, grocer
Turner William, grocer
Turner William, sickle maker
Whawell John, butcher
Wells Joseph & George, coal masters and colliery proprietors
Worrall Ruth, grocer and coal merchant

Alton Joseph
Buxton John
Cadman Mrs Ann
Lee Thomas
Mullins George
Mullins William
Rhodes John
Rose John
Rose Thomas
Rotherham Charles, and landowner
Rotherham Mrs
Storey Thomas
Vickers Charles