Bulmer’s History, Topography and Directory of Derbyshire (1895)

MOSBOROUGH is a large scattered village eight miles N.N.E. from Chesterfield and six miles S.S.E. from Sheffield. This quarter lies to the north of Eckington. St. Mark’s Church, opened in 1887, is an attractive stone building, with accommodation for about 400 people. It was built by subscription, and consists of nave, chancel and tower. The Rev. S. Stookes, M.A., is the curate-in-charge. Here are also chapels pertaining to the Primitive Methodists and Wesleyans, built respectively in 1869 and 1889.

The (C.E.) schools endowed by Joseph Stones in 1680, and consisting of mixed and infants’ departments, with the master’s residence, were enlarged in 1873 at a cost of £650. Upwards of 400 children attend the schools.

The Workman’s Club, erected by J.F. Swallow, Esq., J.P., of Mosbro Hill, is a substantial building, comprising reading, recreation and billiard rooms, with steward’s apartments. Mosborough Hall is a square, stone, balustrade mansion, occupied by E.M. Eaton. Close to is Eckington Hall, a large handsome stone structure, built in 1871 by Joseph Wells, Besides the village there are several small hamlets – Mosbro’ Moor, Plumley (consisting of scattered dwelling and farm houses, three-quarters of a mile west of Mosbro’), and Holbrook, three-quarters of a mile east. Here are Board schools, built in 1876 at a cost of £3,400.


Geo. Hy. Wells, coalowner; Jno. Thompson, draper; Jno. Drabble, mason; Albert E. Hall, solicitor; J.J. Clayton, manufacturer; Branson Topham, John Widdowson, farmer; Mark Bolsover, joiner; Wm. Sewell, miner; Joseph Jervis, secretary; Joseph Marriott, check weighman; Jno. Patterson, foreman moulder; Alf. Fitton, draper; Saml. Morris, check weighman; R. Booth, attendance officer


Mosbro’ Ward – J. F. Swallow


Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office and Savings Bank, Mosborough; John Thomas Kemp, postmaster. Letters via Rotherham, arrive at 6-15 a.m., and 6-0 p.m., and are despatched at 5-55 a.m., 5-0 p.m., and 7-35 p.m.

Post Office, Half-way Houses; Charles Riley, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive at 6-30 a.m. and are despatched at 5-30 p.m.

Abbot Thomas, police sergt., Half-way Houses
Bell Mr. Thomas, Half-way Houses
Bolsover Albert Edward (Bolsover Bros.)
Bolsover Louis J. (Bolsover Bros.)
Clayton John James, mineral water manufacturer, and at Chesterfield
Davies Richard, master, National school
Eaton Edward M., Mosborough Hall
Gascoyne Enoch, chimney sweeper
Green Miss Mary Elizabeth, Hillside
Havenhand Miss Annie, dressmaker
Hewitt George Kitson, col. Mngr. Holbrook hs
Horner Luke, higgler
Keeton Mr. John, Station road
Keeton William, deputy, Bridle stile
Kemp Edwin, deputy
Kirkby Mark (Drabble & K.), Mosborough Hill
Knight James, higgler and wagonette proprietor
Nettleship Ann, dressmaker
Newton Miss Ethel, music teacher
Oates Joseph, deputy, West villas
Plant James, colliery manager, High Street
Rotherham Mrs. Charlotte, West Well
Rowley Elizabeth, dressmaker, Half-way
Simmerson Reuben, corn miller
Smith Mary, dressmaker, Half-way
Staniforth Henry, gentleman, Mosbro’ Hill
Taylor Mrs Ann, Holbrook house
Thorley Mrs., dressmaker
Wale Mr. Thomas, Pear Tree house
Wells George Edwin, solicitor
Wells Mrs. Mary, Eckington hall
Wells William Edwin, Esq., Elmwood
Wilson G. & Son, saw mills
Woodcock William, onsetter
Worrall John, coal owner & farmer, Station rd


Heath Wm., shoeing & jobbing (and dealer in miner’s tools)
Rose William

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.
Large Robert
Lee Charles
Lee Edmund
Lee Henry

Brick & Tile Mnfrs.
Kirkby Mark (Drabble & K.) Queen street
Lee John
Oates Richard (and manure manufacturer), Holbrook

Builders & Contractors.
See also joiners.
Drabble & Kirkby
Drabble John
Grant John, South street

Frost Horatio, Queen street
Havenhand Samuel, Queen st
Haslehurst Charles, and at Eckington
Johnson & Wainwright, Chapel street
Plant Tom, High street
Skelton John F., Chapel street
Staniforth Luke, 9 Hill street
Turner William, South street

Clock & Watch Maker.
Staton Benjamin, 91 High st

Fox Geo. E (linen), Queen st
Hodgson A. & Son (and milliners), 16 Chapel street

Marked c are cowkeepers.
Barker Charles, Hillside
Frost William, Brow house
Lee John
cMillington Thomas
Poole Charles (and carrier to Sheffield, Tu., Th., & Sat.)
Riley Francis, West Well
Rose Benjamin, South street
Rose Mrs. Mary, West farm
Rowbotham Catherine
Skelton Frank, Plumley hall
Smith Edmd. Fras., Plumley
cTaylor Fdk., Half-way Houses
cTickhill William
Turner Mark, Hillside
cWalton Jon., Half-way Houses

Best Jno., South street
Booth Jno. (and insurance agt.),
Buxton William, High street
Coleman Tom, Queen street
Cooper George
Dawes Frank, 27 Chapel st
Foster George, Queen street
Herring Richard, Queen street
Kemp Jno. Thos., postmaster (and newsagent & stationer)
Large Robert
Milnes Geo. Ernest, Holbrook
Milnes Jno. (& drpr.), 52 High st
Riley Chas., Half-way Houses
Stanley, Thomas Askew
Story Mary & Eliza
Widdowson Lenrd. B. (& drpr.)
Wilkinson Wm. D. (& draper)

Hotels, Inns, and Beerhouses
Marked * are beerhouses.
*Alma Inn; I Plant
*Blue Bell; Fredk. Drabble
British Oak; Mary A. French
*Brown Cow; Jph. Chadburn
*Butcher’s Arms; Mark Staton
Crown; Henry Staniforth
Duke William; Solomon James
Fitzwilliam’s Arms; Jph. Kay (and farmer)
George & Dragon; Geo. Wood
Half-way House; Wm. Milner
*Prince of Wales; Ellen Scott
Queen; Tom Barker
Royal Oak; George Southard
*Sidney Tavern; Joe Booth
*Vine Tavern; Aaron Wells

Bolsover Brothers

Scythe, Sickle, and Reaping Hook Mnfrs.
Bolsover Thos. & Sons, Colonial works

Bramwell Reuben
Buxton W. (grngcr.), Queen st
Cooper J. (and conveyance prpr.)
Cuffling George, Queen street
Durbar Edward (confectioner)
Gregory J., Halfway houses
Hodgson A. & Son (ironmongers), 52 Chapel street
Large John, South street
Leah Humphrey
Leech Sarah Ann, South street
Lunn George Edward
Milnes Frederick William (and beer retailer), Chapel street
Newham Henry, Queen street
Pearson Reuben (confectioner)
Plant Mary Ellen
Poole Frederick
Rowley Hy., Halfway houses
Staton Ralph
Staton Wilfred (newsagent)
Staton William, Station road

Drabble John
Kirkby & Drabble, Plumley
Lockwood J. (& quarry owner)