Bagshawe’s History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire (1846)

MOSBOROUGH is a considerable village and constablewick, 8 miles N.N.E. from Chesterfield and 6 miles S.S.E. from Sheffield, lying to the north of Eckington, from which it is divided by a small brook. It contained 245 houses and 1,044 in 1841, but is now (1845) said to contain 265 houses and 1,144 inhabitants. Mosborough Hall is a large square stone structure with stone balustrades on the top, situated at the summit of the village, which is irregularly built on a steep asclivity. The Methodists have a neat stone chapel, erected in 1839, and the Primitive Methodists a small one, erected in 1830. Many sickles and hooks are manufactured, and here also collieries where coke is burned for steel refiners. In 1835, a corn mill was destroyed by fire. The power of the present windmill is partly employed in turning and sawing wood. Mosborough includes Mosbrough Moor, now enclosed on the north; Plumley, a small hamlet on the west, and Holbrook, a small hamlet. Here is a free school for the education of 15 children. Mr Charles Rotherham also pays for the education of four girls.

MOSBOROUGH SCHOOL. – Joseph Stones, by will, dated 20th May, 1680, deivised certain premises and lands, upon trust, to bestow the rents upon a schoolmaster for teaching 15 poor children within the Bierlow of Mosborough. Proceedings were instituted by the Rev. Frederick Ricketts, and five others, for the purpose of having new trustees appointed and the removal of the schoolmaster. Under an order of the Court of Chancery, 6th June, 1822, the property was vested in Luke Staniforth, Thomas Hutton and five others, and the school master directed to give up possession of the school premises. The property consists of a dwelling house, homestead, croft and garden, containing 3a. 13r., the school and playground of one rood; the great and little Beighton Hill closes, 4 acres, which were divided by making a turnpike road, let for £14 8s 0d.; the allotment in Street field, 3a. 22 r., let for £6 15s.; and allotment on Mosborough Green made by the award of Commissioners.


Those marked 1 reside at Holbrook, 2 Moor Hall, 3 Mosborough Hill, 4 Mosbrough Lane, 5 Mosborough Moor, 6 Plumley, 7 Windmill Hill, the rest in Mosborough.

7 Booth, Wm. Timber merchant
Cooper, John, corn miller, Steam mill
6 Hartley – corn miller, Mosbro’ mill
Hayes John Ibbotson, registrar of Births and Deaths, and agent t the Naval and Military Life Association
Hudson George, gentleman
Jewitt Joseph, excise officer
Keeton John, auctioneer and valuer
Keeton Frederick, deputy registrar
Morton Jermh. & Wilson Wm. Coopers and woodturners
Moxon Thomas, stone mason
Riley Selina, straw hat maker
Rippon Rd. constable and bailiff to the Eckington & Dronfield Court of Requests
Field, Robert, gentleman
Rose George, plumber and glazier
Staniforth John, gentleman
5 Staniforth Mrs Elizabeth
Storey John, spring knife cutler
Webster Mary, beerhouse
6 Whitley Wm. Corn miller
5 British Oak, George Booth
Crown, John Robinson
Duke William, Joseph Roper
5 Fitzwilliam Arms, Maria Havenhand
George and Dragon, Joseph Rich
4 Nag’s Head, Ts. Robinson, & spring knf mfr
Cowley Catherine
Gerby Elizabeth
Hayes John Ibbotson
Whiteley Harriet
Foster George
Rose Joseph
Whitehead George
3 Elliott Henry
1 Gray Joseph
Kirkby John
Rose Benjamin
Webster George
Cowley John
Fox Elias
5 Marsden George
Oxspring Henry
Oxspring Samuel
Rivington Edward
Galley Wm.
3 Wallow Richard
Worrall Luke
6 Brooke Geo.
6 Bunting Thomas
Cadman George
Cadman John, jun., Elliott house
Caterer George
Fox George
Galley Wm.
Gilbert Ellis
2 Hempshall Thos.
Hudson George
Hutton Thomas
6 Keeton David
Keeton George
2 Lee Thomas
Mullins George
Muscroft John
Oates Francis
Oates Joseph
Riley John
Roberts George
5 Rose George
Rose Thomas
Rotherham Edwin
Rotherham Samuel
3 Slagg Wm.
2 Staniforth Ann
Tickhill Wm.
Turner Thomas
Mould David (and druggist)
Worrall Luke
Cadman George
1 Linley Robert
Slagg Harvey
Cowley John
Hutton Charles
Littlewood John
Mullins Sarah
1 Unwin G. & hat mfr
Whiteley Wm.
Woodward John
Cadman George
Hutton Wm.
Keeton John & Son
Staton Septimus
Turner Wm.
Webster George
Fox Wm.
Herring Wm.
Kay Edward
Peat James
Lee Wm.
Rose John
Rose Robert
Rotherham Charles